Contact Center Reporting Features

Our reporting features allows your business to view information that could improve the way in which you operate, therefore improving your customer services. 

Automatic or manual generation of historical reports provides data on all aspects of your business's performance. These reports provide detailed information for operational reviews and future planning. 

Collect information on each department or individual, wherever they are. Real-time information can be delivered to departmental heads independent of their location, whilst employees are offered increased flexibility over the way they handle their calls when in or out of the office.

What is call center reporting?

Call center reports provide historical data for you to measure, manage and constantly enhance call center performance, ­all of which are key to controlling your call center costs.

Call center reports let you see the big picture and the call-by-call performance of each queue and agent. You can measure and verify call center performance against service level objectives, review events as they happen and identify ways to improve business processes.

What are the benefits of reporting?

Our reporting system provides a wealth of information on all aspects of a call center’s performance including:
  • •  In-built Toll Fraud detection
  • •  User permission based access
  • •  Capacity Planning & Cost Analysis
  • •  View reports anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • •  Historical call management reports for you to measure, manage and constantly enhance call center performance
  • •  Performance Management including; Agent, Call and Queue activity and performance.
  • •  30 pre-defined Call Centre reports (in addition to the 29 standard reports)
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