Business Telephone Systems

If you need a new business telephone system to support your communications, then we have a wide range of solutions available to suit your individual requirements. From a single handset to entire call center, we provide quick and easy installation with minimal disruption. 

We supply telephone systems from top suppliers such as:
  • •  xontel
  • •  Avaya
  • •  Panasonic

Our goal
is to provide the solution that's right for you, from a single handset to entire call center, our solutions can be installed a quickly and easily with minimal disruption.

What is a telephone system?

A system where multiple telephones are used by businesses in an interconnected fashion that allows for features like call handling and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice message boxes, etc.

A business phone system can range from just a few telephones in a small business up to a complex multi-site business  exchange (PBX) system utilized by large businesses.

Business telephone systems can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and/or over the Internet (Internet telephony or VoIP). Business phone systems can also be delivered as a hosted service, which can free companies from having to invest in costly equipment.

What are the benefits of a telephone system?

Don't waste time chasing people - make everyone in your company easier to reach, more flexible and more productive with a simple and easy to use telephone system.  There are a list of other advantages of our solutions that you might not necessarily know about:

   - Sharing a dedicated, cohesive voice resource ensures that your employees are able to work as productively as possible while still being accessible anywhere inside or even outside the office.

   - By responding faster and more effectively to customers, you're better placed to retain their loyalty. 

   - You can manage calling peaks with comprehensive management reporting.

  - Make sure you and your colleagues don't miss any important calls, even when you're out and about.

  - You can link your mobile phone with your telephone system, so when your desk phone rings, you're mobile will too.

  - Easy to manage over multiple sites.
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