Outsourced IT

From simply outsourcing a core function such as your telephone system or server management, to a fully managed IT solution, we can deliver an efficient, cost effective and reliable support service.

Our service ensures you receive the best support when you need it most, from our team of highly skilled engineers, allowing you to reduce your management overheads, whilst focusing on your core business activities.
Whether you are looking for on-going support with a fixed price or pay-as-you-go we are here to ensure all of your needs are met.

Whether you need a fully installed business network including email, printing, data storage and backup, we have the skill-set to help in an organised and cost effective way.

If you are considering outsourcing elements of your IT infrastructure but are unsure of the implications, why not contact one of our consultants who are here to understand your business.

Our approach to solving your organization’s specific challenges is led by you, your budget, your objectives and your customers’ demands.

Hardware and Software

We work with our carefully selected partners and providers to ensure we offer you hardware and software applications that are managed and supported by us, fit for purpose and competitively priced, with the right SLA arrangements.

When it comes to deploying an infrastructure to our customers the hardware we use is as important to us as the design we put together, the methodology of deployment and how we support you on an on-going basis.

The same applies when deploying our software, we work with you to ensure any software installed is achieved in accordance with your policy and our industry legislation, both of which is done in consultation with you.

Business Antivirus Protection

The internet can be a dangerous place if you’re not protected. From scams and phishing attacks to destructive viruses and malware, its Important you have peace of mind when browsing the internet or using social media. Our complete security solution has you covered.

Our intelligent antivirus solution keeps one step ahead of malware by recognizing and eliminating any attempts to evade detection. Enjoy powerful protection from spyware, worms and rootkits, and keep your sensitive passwords and information safe with anti-phishing technology. Take complete control of what information is public or private on Facebook and Twitter with an intuitive social media scanner.

For more information about our antivirus and security solutions, contact one of security specialists about your specific business requirements.

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